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I watched Transformers 2 Revenge Of The Fallen for the second time today.It was just a totally great movie. Sure it wont win any academy awards for anything aside from this years greatest movie effects for 2009 but it was what I was looking forward for as would any other transformer fan.The most memorable part of the movie was its ending where the new and improved version of optimus prime kicks the crapt out of the fallen and megatron.Megatron looses half of his face and retreats with star scream faster than Megan Fox screen lines.

Optimus has always been the definitive of a great leader for me even from its G1 animated series.So here's something he left for us from Transformers 2 Revenge Of The Fallen.

"Fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing." -Optimus Prime

That is so right man...

Gamer the movie

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Cool upcoming movie "gamer the movie" starring Gerard Butler(King Leonidas from the 300). Set in the future , gaming has finally reach its pinnacle , after years of playing RPG games our sick fantasy has come true where a human may play another human in a cold blooded rpg game.
Mind-control technology has made it possible for people to allow gamers to control human prisoners(guys on death row) in a mass-scale deathmatches, if an inmate lives through 30 matches then he wins his freedom. A kid name Simon role plays Kable(Gerard Butler) the multiplayer on-line game called "Slayers" champion of the game having won 27 matches and lived through them all,

Kable ,with his every move tracked by millions, goes through hell to regain his identity and independence by defeating the game's mastermind (Michael C. Hall)through launching an attack on the system that has imprisoned him.[1]

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Team Brawn Reigns F1 2009. FIA Not so Much

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Team Brawn Reigns F1 2009. FIA Not so Much
Ross Brawn buys the team from Honda and turns it into Team Brawn, an F1 power house. Though this year proves to be an extraordinary year for Team Brawn, the same can't be said for the FIA (Federation Internationale d'Automobile).

2012 Movie ,Dooms Day

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2012 Movie staring John Cusack and Danny Glover as the President of the United States.
Ancient Mayans predicts a doomsday event will occur sometime around the 2012.
A global destruction occurs leads to the end to the world and has survivors struggling for their lives. The film is inspired by the end of the current cycle in the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar, on December 21, 2012.Where will you be then? Me I'll be here blogging about it and checking my adsense.LOL

My First Associated Content Post

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I submitted last night my first Associated Content Post and then... wait for it, wait for it,IT WAS ACCEPTED!! and was published like within 15 minutes.Its a start of a new money making channel for me.Just Hope it starts to get me some money. Here' hoping.

The story starts with Shawn McArthur (Channing Tatum), a street hustler in New York City get's set up by some scrupulous guys. These guys works for Harvey Boarden (Terrence Howard), a ticket scapler who controls the corner where Shawn was selling counterfeit DVDs and other stuff. Shawn fights them off but doesn't get his money or products back. Later Shawn sees Harvey and the youth who stole his money in a cafe and he confronts them. Harvey gives him his money back and offers him a chance to a 'winner takes all' fight for money.

The movie seems to be easy enough to follow.It reminds me of some older Jean Claude Van damn movie. The hero of the movie Channing Tatum plays in the upcoming G.I. Joe Movie as the lead actor. This movie should give us a preview of his acting skill's before seeing him pounding on cobra commander. Alongside Channing is Terrence Howard a super good actor(IronMan,Brave One) which means the movie should be good. I don't expect much from the movie except cool fights and the hero's struggles. Hope its good. :)

Year One Jack Black and Michael Cera

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Banished from their homeland, Zed and Oh (Jack Black and Michael Cera), two neanderthals, embark on a journey through their ancient world. Along the way, they encounter Adam and Eve (Harold Ramis and Rhoda Griffis), Cain and Abel (David Cross and Paul Rudd), and Abraham (Hank Azaria).[1]

According to Black Year One will be about two men running around in Moses's time. Black stated that it might be fun to see all the stories of the Bible in a modern movie.

Up, Disney Pixar's New animated movie

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A new Disney Movie coming Up soon. Its Called Up and looks good and a lot of fun. The story goes of an elderly man who plans to go for a wild adventure by tying thousands balloons to his house. He takes off flight when he releases the balloons but unexpectedly picks up a passenger , a young scout boy. It looks kind of fun and entertaining. I hear the crew spent like tons of money and time traveling Matawi Tepui and climbed to Angel Falls and as well as Brazil. But they couldn't use much of the material as they found that some of the settings in real life like the rocks, mountains and other stuff were unbelievable that they exist in real life let alone in the animated movie. So here's looking forwards to the movie.

I got this smashup from a friend of mine

Its really good.

LOVE STORY (Taylor Swift) meets VIVA LA VIDA (Coldplay) - Piano Cello - by Jon Schmidt

Its where Jon plays a great song combination of Taylor Swift(Love Story) and Coldplays (Viva La Vida) for his 7 Year old daughter who love's the song from Taylor Swift's- Love Story. Damn cool dad for his lucky girl.

Thanks Matchfingers for the link. Its really Beautiful.

Coldplay was on the news recently for being sued by guitarist Joe Satriani, who claims the band's song Viva La Vida uses one of his riffs.

Coldplay the band who played Violet hill came out with a new single Viva La Vida for their new album Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends. Apparently the song was so similar you could play the Coldplays-singer Chris Martin's Viva La Vida verse with Joe's IF I COULD FLY version.

I did some research and here's what I found. Its true!! You could play the tune according to Joe Satriani's IF I COULD FLY version. And Joe Satriani is really good. Coldplay is great too but tough luck guys this year. Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends released in June and went to number one in 36 countries and was also one of their hit singles.

G.I.Joe :Cobra Commanders Turkey Dinner

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Damn funny cobra commander screwing Destro with a turkey dinner. Not only G.I Joe's are pissed at cobra commander, even his gang also pissed at him.

cobra commander:Well WTF are you going to eat!!


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My first Bukisa post

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So i signed up with Bukisa which essentially is a paid per post campaign site where they pay you the earning if your post gets more than 1000 hits.

I have uploaded my most favorite subject Formula 1 in my account and hoping there are like tons of other F1 fans who would read it in Bukisa.So here is the beginning of Bukisa for me ,hope it would teach me something or even better, make me money.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra is an up coming GI Joe movie soon to be out somewhere near August 2009. The G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra stars Dennis Quaid as leader General Clayton Abernathy , Channing Tatum as the ever awesome team lead Duke, Marlon Wayans as cool Ripcord, Rachel Nichols as deadly and gorgeous Scarlett , Ray Park as totally awesome Snake-Eyes for the Joe’s where as for the cobra’s Christopher Eccleston as the master planner, designer and inventor Destro, Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the most evil Cobra Commander who would kill anyone just to have breakfast , Sienna Miller as the ever beautiful and devious Baroness, Lee Byung-hun as Storm Shadow (snake eyes enemy number 1) and finally Arnold Vosloo as Zartan.

The movie seems to show the origins of Cobra command and its plan for the world. G.I Joe’s on the other hand is an elite military unit that takes on cobra. All in all it’s the action movie that we should not miss. I’m actually anxious about the fight scene between Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow. Ray Park (played Darth Maul in Star Wars Episode I: the Phantom Menace, Toad in X-Men) who plays Snake-Eyes is a martial artist. He even came down to Malaysia to train with the kung fu masters for his preparation for the movie. It’s going to be real good to watch.


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I watched taken on dvd last few weeks ago and it was a great movie. Its a thriller movie where Liam Neeson plays a retired Central Intelligence Agency operative who sets about tracking down his teenage daughter after she is kidnapped by slave traders while traveling in Europe.

Liam Neeson(from michael collins movie,schindler's list,Kingdom of Heaven and batman begins) was great in the movie. He plays a certain interesting role as an angry father bent on saving his daughter no matter where she is. The movie starts off with Liam Neeson attending his daughters birthday at his ex wife and new rich husband huge mansion. Then he gets pestered by the daughter and ex wife for permission to send the daughter off to europe. He declines but eventually had to agree. And then here is where the movie really starts when the daughter calls her dad for help when she gets kidnap. The movie is fast paced with no nonsense approach. Watch this movie if your a dad, watch this movie if you really care for someone you love and do not want any harm to come to them. It seriously shows how far or how much you need to go to save your love ones.

Defiance Movie

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(Image taken from Wikipedia)

An upcoming movie Defiance is about 3 brothers who escaped the Nazi forces sweeping through Eastern Europe whom are primarily targeting the Jewish people.The Bielski brothers: Tuvia (Daniel Craig), Zus (Liev Schreiber), Asael (Jamie Bell), Aron (George MacKay) escaped the nazis killing but unfortunately finds their parents dead whom were slain by the local police under orders from the occupying Germans. The brothers flee to the forest, vowing to avenge their parents. They encounter other Jewish escapees hiding in the forest and the brothers take them under their protection and leadership. The movie is supposedly a true story that happened during WWII.

Its one of(or the only) Liev Schreiber and Daniel Craig movies where both actors are in together.It looks like a good WWII movie since Bruce Willis Hart's War and I'm looking forward to it which should premier in Malaysia anytime next month or so.

Checkout their cool Eastern European accent.I feel like speaking in the same accent them already.Eh! Comrade!

Planet 51

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The movie is about an astronaut who thinks he is the first human that lands on Planet 51. But Surprise surprise its actually a populated planet with little green people living with white picket fence that looks more like 1950's of America. The alien family's dog looks like a cute miniature xenomorph alien from the Alien movies.It pisses out very corrosive acid(The trailer shows the piss melts the lamp post metal) just like the xenomorph's blood.

The movie has an amazing voice actor notably Dwayne Johnson(The Rock )as Chuck the astronaut, Justin Long as Lem ,Sean William Scott as Skiff ,Jessica Biel as Neera, Gary Oldman as General Grawl and John Cleese as Professer Kipple.

It looks kind of like an alien satellite planet astronaut humor that we've been long waiting for since space monkeys. So finally we have the answer. We are not alone in the universe and they are not from Neptune or even Jupiter but planet 51.

Obama Dancing to the Single Ladies. Damn good!!

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Obama doing the single ladies dance. Absolutely worth watching. I really loved the way he does his shoulder thing and going down while looking cool as Obama usually does. If he did this in the presidential debate with McCain, I m pretty sure he still would have won the America election. He probably could do a world tour with this along with beyonce like what his doing now on his speech delivery tour all over the world.


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StarCraft will always be my 1st and favorite strategy game. There are 3 factions at war which are the Zergs , Terran and Protoss. Mine has always been the Terran's for their cool battle cruisers and ballistic tanks I need to blast the Zergs hive. I always get like 5 battle cruisers and creep slowly for surprise attack and kill every last zerglings I can find. Starcraft was my favorite past time.A group of guys and myself play regularly(just before counterstrike) at our local cybercafe after college. Still loved playing it till today.

Then quite sometime later DOTA came in and most of my friends were hooked to it but i was not very fond of it till few years ago. It was just all solo hunting and gangbanging on some poor fellow without any proper strategy or gameplay. But then a few years ago something made me turn to starcraft again which is Starcraft2. Its still in its beta release and its not out yet. But I'm waiting ever so patiently so that I can pulvarise more zergs and protoss again. This time the Terrans got more types of unit and arsenals. I just cant wait.

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Bing is out.Hooray i think.

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So MSN search engine has now turn into where Microsoft says its set to compete with Google and Yahoo's Search Engine supremacy. It was launched by Steve Balmer(CEO of Microsoft) last 28th May 2009 and it went fully online last June 1st 2009.

So far I can tell you it has a new non corporate looking interface with a new peaceful looking scenic pictures as its background.

It looks good to use, but when I tried it to find my blog it gets a totaly new set of results as per other search engine, in other words you cant find on the first indexed page so its still pretty much needs some work I guess(Especialy when I set my blog with msn blogs as my rss feeder).

So bing is here, lets see how long before it pongs out again like Live Search, Windows Live Search, MSN Search and etc.

I watched Terminator:Salvation at GSC 1-Utama

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(Picture take from Wikipedia)
I finally got to watch Terminator Salvation last Sunday and that sir for me is the movie of the year.It continues from the previous sequal Terminator 3:Rise of the Machine and starts off with a cool opening title sequance that I feel is maybe a tribute towards all computer programmer's throughout the world as the movie introduces all the movie actors names using programming syntax.

Sam Worthington (plays Marcus Wright)waits inline for death row in 2003 while feeling all guilty about himself and the things he had done. Here,Dr. Serena Kogan (Helena Bonham Carter) of Cyberdyne Systems convinces him to sign his body over for medical research following his execution by lethal injection. Soon after his execution we all go back to the future in 2018 and here is where all the fun starts. The resistance team lead by John Connor (Christian Bale) attacks a Skynet base and man oh man the explosion effects here is truly phenomenal. The THX sound effects used in this movie is worth every last dollar of your ticket.Get a seat in the huge cinema(Cinema 2 in GSC 1-Utama in my case) with a good THX equiped cinema or you are not doing this movie any good. The explosion sequence is so good i almost wanted to turn around and duck for cover. The movies explosion effects is just awesome. No green screen or any cheap CGI is used for the explosion scene which makes this movie memorable.

So back to John Conner, after he leads some of his team down a huge underground Skynet base , he and his men finds some humans taken prisoner in a cage and finds the design for new terminator model(T-800,Arnold Schwarzenegger model). Interestingly enough we could see John Connor Flashes his flash light around and we get to see find Sam Worthingtons dead body.He calls his men topside but got no response co he decides to climb out of the base to checkup on the communications but finds his men dead. He walks some distance to find the rest of his crew but then a huge nuclear explosion blows up the skynet base along with his men down under along with other survivors. He runs to the helicopter and finds the pilot dead , so he flies out on his own only to crash again upside down due to the explosion.You could experience the crash almost like you were in the chopper with him. The sight of the huge mushroom dust cloud after nuclear explosion was damn awesome. I would watch this movie again just for this first 10 minutes of the movie. Its just simply damn awesome.

For the rest of the movie , you guys should just watch it. Its not as gruesome as any other movie but just damn awesome. The Skynets T-600 terminator machines are just damn awesome and scary to look at especially when they are slinging and firing humans around with a 50 caliber machine guns. The Harvester is a huge bad ass robot like almost 40 feet high starts to capture human s to transport them to Skynet for human experiments. The Huge cannon on the harversters shoulders just blast the hell out of the vehicles that tries to escape him. If the target is too far he deploys the mototerminator from both his legs that races down like ducatti's on steroids just like the scene where it chases down after Sam Worthington and Kyle reese(Young John conners dad) in a truck. The bikes were just awesome.

Christian Bale was great at playing the legendary John Connor the resistance leader.He played with close intention to the true characters colors especially when he was blasting his guns at the terminators. Sam Worthington played Marcus Wright well too. He tries to blow up the Harvesters with a fuel tank and fights with the T-800. Damn cool ending scene where John Connor with Sam Worthington blows the base up to kingdom come as they fly off on a chopper.

Watch the movie and within 10 minutes of the movie ,you'd swear you want to watch it again!!

I went and saw Angels & Demons at GSC

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So yesterday I was bored and wanted to watch Terminator Salvation but when i got to my local GSC in 1-Utama guess what happen

Damn long queue. The picture above shows where I was at when I was queuing up to buy a ticket. I got there like 3.00 pm something but waited for almost an hour to get to the counter. Then When i got there guess again, there wasn't any seats left unless the first 2 rows of the cinema , and its all booked to 12 midnight. I was willing to get even 7.45 8.00 or even 9.00 pm but cannot get so i bought the tickets for the next day instead. But not willing to spoil the day for me and my dad, we watched Angels and demons instead for that day.

SO angels and demon , truth be told its not fantastic but its certainly way better than Da Vinci Code. The title "Angels and Demons " does not really reflect the movie at all nor the Catholic religion any way. Its more towards an ancient Illuminatti society back to screw the roman chatolic church. And Tom Hanks (Dr.Robert Langdon) is summon by the recently deceased pope's assistant Ewan McGregor (Camerlengo Patrick McKenna). I could summarize up the movie in 3 steps.

1) Robert Langdon starts to follow a series of clues to find the illuminatti that kidnaps the 4 future pope candidates. The society start to execute each pope through the means of four science medium which are earth, fire ,water and wind and will execute the last cardinal at midnight. All but one survives(water).

2) Ewan Mcgregor starts to find the cause of his beloved pope death when he finds out the pope was poison. Starts to give ideas on how to saved the church to everyone and to find the stolen anti-matter container which was stolen at the earlier part of the movie. If they cant find it by mid night , the container will explode and blow , vatican , rome and italy to kingdom come.

3) To summarize the finale, Ewan Mcgregor was the culprit from the beginning of the movie and was the cause of the earlier popes death and the guy responsible with Illuminati. Robert langdon and ironically Ewan Mcgregor saves the day but Ewan Mcgregor in the end commits suicide(set him self on fire)when he found out that everyone found out his jig was up.

All in all the movie was something better than I expected especially Ayelet Zurer (movie hotty)who played Dr.Vittoria Vetra as some particle accelerator scientist. The movie has a cool starting scene with the new swiss particle accelerator generator to produce anti matter, and you could see all of the Vatican's peter's square, castles and almost all of the Vatican city.

Aside from that its a good movie to watch for adults and might bore the snot out of kids.

Night at the Museum:Battle of the Smithsonian

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(Taken from wikipedia)
I watched Night at the Museum:Battle of the Smithsonian last week Wednesday at GSC Pavilion.
All in all its was fun and entertaining and its much better than the first one.

Ben Stiller is back but this time as a successful inventor/owner/entrepreneur with a huge company. He goes back to his old night guard museum and finds the curators packing up the exhibits and moving them to the Smithsonian archives.

The rest of the movie is a historical adventure all the way (literally). You should watch it first hand instead and you will know what I mean. Hank Azaria was hilarious as the evil pharaoh especially when he mocks Darth Vader when he wanted to join his evil team. Another scene i remembered was when he says to Ben stiller that he has come back alive from the death like 3 times, really loudly and in a deep voice to really impress Ben , but Ben was like having a "so?" and unimpressed expression.That was seriously funny.
Amy Adams
Amy Adams was excellent as Amelia Earhart. She was hot ,adventurous and funny and I was more keen in seeing what she tends to do instead of Ben Stiller.
Ben Stiller
Ben Stiller on the other hand was great reprising his role as a night guard again especially the scene where he helps to teach the rookie simthsonian night guard his cool night guard tricks and his fancy torch light moves (LOL). Robin Williams reprises his role as the wise President Theodore rosevelt ,Owen Wilson was back as Jedediah again while , Steve coogan was back as Octavious. The absolute best scene i can remember from the movie was when Jedediah and Octavious took swords and started slashing the feets of the pharohs men. It was in slow mo moves stabbing and slicing ala Spartan's 300 style , damn good and funny, hehehhe.Along side them are Genreal Custer,Atila and the previous guys from the first movie.

The 3-D effects was an absolute treat. If you want funny, see this movie, if you want 3d effects see this movie , if you want a really complicated story watch Angels and demons but I promise you , you wont get as entertained as Night at the Museum:Battle of the Smithsonian.

P.S I loved the frozen scene where Ben finds Hank Azaria and his scary men like statues ready to charge and spear the other frozen guys. Its a Ben stiller movie and its bound to be funny.

Yes I saw a guy flashing his naked body today. I was on my to GSC in 1-Utama to catch Angels and Demon and I was totally caught off guard when I saw a guy opened up his coat and stood there in the nude in front of everyone showcasing his pride and joy to everyone, here's the picture for proof.
Then here's the full frontal view.

Wonder what would have happen if the guy cut out was a real person cut out with the sign placed appropriately.

The fella was flashing everywhere on every floor. Damn Pervert!!

Here's the slide I made showing how the K770i is being unwrapped from its package.

I even found a youtube review on it

I just got my K770i from times square today. Its still hot off the rack and I'm still taking pictures of it...So here's how the unwrapping goes

Firstly the box , small and petite but cool packaging. When I first saw it on Sony Erricsson site , it says candy bar type phone and I was expecting something like a snicker size phone but is much smaller and slimmer than that.

See? Its very slim and it fits in my palm.
The K770i has a 3.2 megapixel CyberShot camera with auto focus along with its picture blogging picture app which helps to move the picture taken to your blog, awesome application for me. And because its so light and slim I keep feeling my right pocket to make sure its there. The Cybershot has a 3.2x digital Zoom for picture close ups which can be further touched up with its Photo Fix app.

It supports SMS, MMS, Bluetooth and can be used as an Internet Modem by just plugging in the USB cable to the pc and the phone. Aside from that , it has java support games, 3d games, a radio and Walkman player 3.0 which is a media player that plays mp3 files along with some other formats.

It has 3G high speed internet conenction for fast data transfer speed (384 kbps) which makes it easy and fast to access the internet.(I finished like RM10 ++ credit already on it cause its just so cool to browse my blog with it). It also does video streaming from the net and RSS feeds.

So all and all I am quite please with this new K770i especially for its final party piece which is of course the 3.2 Megapixel CyberShot which Sony is known for. I got a black one as everyone knows black is always in style and never goes old.

What to know more about K770i check this link out.
Sony Erriccson K770i

Its a very short version on how lord of the rings should have ended. Makes more sense doesn't it?.
No need to fight or suffer just strap Frodo with the ring , put him into the catapult and launch his ass all the way to Mordor or whatever the place is. Problem solved , Frodo still a hero, Legolas is still gay, end of story. I can hear Sauren going WTF is that !! when he sees Frodo flying over his tower

Aragorn the end: "I still say it's fucking retarded"


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I'm pretty sure everyone knows about the Biggest loser show that airs like almost every where in the world. Its about some overweight women and men who struggles to lose weight on the show where the one who losses the least amount of weight is up for elimination from the show.

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Anyway its free, its healthy and the only thing you lose here is weight. So just try it, it beats signing up for emails and starring at the pc without any physical movement anyway.

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Genie and Mercedes E-class Ad

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I have watched this Mercedes ad like a few years ago. Where some guy finds a magic lamp and begins to rub it and out comes a blue genie(Like i was surprise to see one). The genie was starting to explain the 3 wishes thing to the guy but got interrupted just within 5 seconds of his entrance speech when the guy immediately says E-Class(Mercedes Benz) without even thinking. And then after the genie grants him the E-Class , the guy jumps into the car and speeds off spraying the beach sand all over the genies face before even hearing out the genie explanation about his other 2 wishes. The guy like just drives off and keeps the genie waiting for him without ever coming back. So a Mercedes E-Class, is that one wish enough for you? I feel it could be better if i had stumbled on a magic lamp.Maybe an S-Class or so ;)

I wanted to list the stuff that I needed to make money from my blog just like my previous SEO stuff i did but then I found this youtube clip which makes more sense and more easier to understand. Its a few minutes but very informative for the basics. Best tip of all don't expect to make a lot of money just because you started a blog. Start slowly and easy,get readers and the dough will come.

Anyway Happy Blogging.

Windows Vista is a piece of crapt!!

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I got a new lenovo R400 today and it comes pre installed with vista. Firstly its good at starting and shutting down really fast like between10-15 seconds and believe me its has to because each time you try to run Firefox,chrome or other non Microsoft stuff ,it hangs without any indication that its going to come out of its own self induce coma. I tried to connect streamyx and run Firefox and took like forever to load the homepage. It is literally sucking the life out of my meager broadband and Firefox. I tried to restart Firefox and guess what it hangs.... with the non responding image, i try opening another window and the stupid thing keeps hanging. Hell i even unplugged my broadband cable and it still would not let me reconnect to the network again.Believe it or not within the first 20 minutes of my excruciating vista experience i had to restart the notebook like almost 5 times just to visit this blog. It just hangs and requires a restart, so here's my point of view , screw vista , screw everything Microsoft for that matter if you can and go Linux or ubuntu. Once set the settings its for life. no problem

I even tried watching bleach online and it took more than 5 minutes but still loading the homepage. Here's my homage to vista.

I watched "The Beast" last night on AXN channel and I was total blown away. What I watched was a great films grade quality movie made to a television series. The story goes about unorthodox FBI guy Charles Baker (Patrick Swayze) taking in a new rookie Ellis Dove (Travis Fimmel) as his partner. And believe it or not within 30 seconds of the start of the series Patrick Swayze shoots him with a gun twice. The partnership between them is definitely not ala "Starsky and Hutch". Baker cant afford to have a moment hesitations from his new rookie. He trains Ellis with hard violent psychological which even made me felt like shouting out loud to at Ellis the end of the episode.The pilot episode was like a mix between slevin, dirty harry and enemy of the gates. Its something not suitable for the kids but can definitely kick out some crime scene investigator out of their lab. Its not too technical , not to slow nor is there too much blabbering going on.

Patrick Swayze was awesome and scary at the same time playing Charles Baker. Ellis looks like a real rookie here but has the played the role well that could match any big time hollywood star. I could not believe he played Tarzan in New York.

The Beast is dark, serious and yet some how it gets you glued to the tube to know what will happen next.

My 10 Search Engine Optimizer (SEO )Guide-10 Steps
  1. Have a good and clear title-Write titles with important keywords in the title and post header.
  2. Using a Graphic file title instead will not help. Search engine cant actually read them its better to read text.
  3. Submit my blog to all of the directories listed on Pingomatic
  4. Submit my blog to Pingoat which allows to ping over fifty blog ping services all at once.
  5. Sign up for an account at BlogExplosion and and register blog there.
  6. Submit my blog to all of the directores listed at RSS Feeds directory
  7. Sign up for My Yahoo and add my blogs feed to “My Yahoo” account. Sign up for My MSN, and add My blog to “My MSN” account. This will get my blog included in MSN and Yahoo very quickly.
  8. Place My blog on all the major search engines. will submit blog free to the top 14 Search engines.
  9. will submit my blog free to the top 20 Search engines.
  10. Locate blogs with a lot of traffic and place relevant comments in their comment box . Do not spam or place the ‘I like your site,visit mine’ type comments. And last, post quality content as often as possible

WheelJack I understand your pain. Sometimes life is difficult even for an autobot. Transformers Generation 1 was the ultimate transformers for me, after that the Japanese version were nothing more than ridiculing the franchise. Wheeljack was the guy who create stuff in the autobots arsenal, he is the guy who created the awesome dinobots which unfortunately couldn't care less about wheeljack or anything aside themselves.Well any way Optimus and the gang still needed the guy to build stuff and kick decepticons butt.

His face lights up whenever he speaks as his mouth is covered with a ninja mouth guard or something.

Monetizing My Blog-Things to do

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How to monetize

1. Get cool domain name- Domain name should not be too long and should be meaningful not or some alphabets that stands for some thing else.

2.Get great content-Always keep the content and readers first other wise all you get is ads all over your site without any readers.

3. Get cool blog design- Need not be a very complicated design , just something well arranged and not scattered , something that the reader can follow the flow and definitely something that does not load to long.

4. Monetize with multiple source-Put some adsense, amazon and more ads from other source on the site but not over do it. Just enough at the correct spaces and not like every where...

5.Must find a niche for blog and a passionate subject- Something you would do it for free just for the love of it. If it is popular among readers then its a plus point.

6.Enjoy the journey to making money -Not stressing out and pumping out low quality stuff off the blog. Remember if you enjoy the stuff you right , others will!! :)

Damn Funny!! Shockwaves Plight

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Shockwave is my one and only favourite decepticon aside from Transformers the movie Blackout(Blackout is the coolest transformer in the movie.Cmon, Just admit it!!). He didnt get much screen time on the tv but he was just ultimately cool despite the fact he has no face. He was the right hand for megatron along side Starscream and Soundwave.

I fell sick today and couldn't go to work but still did some work with gimp and shockwave desktop background.

What the hell is a BURPEE!!

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The burpee is a full body exercise used in strength training and as aerobic exercise. It is performed in four steps:

  • Begin in a squat position with your hands on the floor in front of you.
  • Kick your feet back, while simultaneously lowering yourself into a pushup
  • Immediately return your feet to the squat position, while simultaneously pushing up with your arms.
  • Leap up as high as possible from the squat position.
  • Repeat as fast as possible, striving for approximately 30 repetitions per minute.
I used to do them during my taekwondo training in school days. I thought it was just some warm up thingy we used to do prior doing the kicks, punches and other taekwondo stuff. I forgot all about them till few days earlier where I found this clip about Mike Rowe(Dirty Jobs, Discovery Channel, extremely cool show to watch) who does it everyday and he looks really good and fit.

I'm a Photographer Joke

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A photographer for a national
magazine was assigned to take pictures of a great forest fire. He was advised that a small plane would be waiting to fly him over the fire. The photographer arrived at the airstrip just an hour before sundown. Sure enough, a small Cessna airplane was waiting. He jumped in with his equipment and shouted, "Let's go!" The tense man sitting in the pilot's seat swung the plane into the wind and soon they were in the air, though flying erratically. "Fly over the north side of the fire," said the photographer, "And make several low-level passes." "Why?" asked the nervous pilot. "Because I'm going to take pictures!" yelled the photographer. "I'm a photographer, and photographers take pictures!" The pilot replied, "You mean you're not the flight instructor?"

Lets do a quikie!-Icetree

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Something fast i did just because I was bored and i wanted too do something easy

Optimus Prime The Rude Awakening

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Optimus I feel your pain...

Inspired by The Transporter 3

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Inspired by The Transporter 3


Its a Typical transporter movie where bad guy hires frank martin(jason) to send something across Europe except with a twist. He get strapped with a wrist device that blows him up if he exceeds 75 feet from his car.

So what to expect from the movie? Action stuff,Jason kicks multiple french and Ukrainian butts, Jason drives the cool Audi S8 and finally Jason blows the bad guy to smithereens with always a spare tux around with him. Honestly, the movie seems to feel a bit better from Transporter 2 but with all the good stuff intact.Overall its a no brainer movie with some good tricks. I would recommend it to anyone wants to see a cool guy who drives a cool car. The last bit of the movie is the best part of it all.

I haven't posted any spoilers for the movie cause almost 10 minutes into the movie I'm pretty sure you could work it out to about 80% accurate.

But there was something that kept me inspired.Audi A8 W12.

Which why I came up with this desktop background.Cool huh?Well after a movie like that I truly needed to do something to support the movie.


Stuff that luke skywalker would blog about

(1)May 10, 3009 at 9:31 am
Found out i was adopted today(woohooo!! me no got cheapo dad!!!)

(2)May 31, 3009 at 9:41 am
Found out i have an old crazy uncle living in the dessert today

(3) June 12, 3009 at 10:22 am
Found out the light thingy could seriously cut some ones head off today

(4) June 22 10, 3009 at 1:31 pm
Found out an overgrown monkey got more piloting skills than me today

(5) June 22, 3009 at 2:45 pm
Found out that floating thingy that I trained blindfolded with shoots lasers
that really hurt my ass(Obi wan says to concentrate but cant help to hear obi
wan,solo and the stupid monkey laughing behind my back.Bastards!!!)

(6)June 24, 3009 at 11.09 pm
Visited huge planet today except it was'nt a planet and it had a really really
big gun.

(7)June 25, 3009 at 2:23 am
Saved hot chick from evil black dude today.Wanted to ask her out on a date but
got distracted from her hot body and had no time as was being fired by
stormtroopers and all(bastards,but damn does she look good!!).
-crossed out due to personal reason and will not talk about it!!!EVER!!!

(8)June 25, 3009 at 2:23 am
Crazy uncle got creamed by black evil dude today(And he TRAINED me !! Dumbass!!)

(9)June 26, 3009 at 1:11 am
Got to fly awsome plane today without any training and blew up the evil dudes planet to bits
(well the droid did the most flying anyway and well, did most of the shooting , well all of the
shooting actually and hans solo helped blow up the evil dude and the other alliance pilots died
protecting my ass and .....-so on and so forth-)

(10)June 27, 3009 at 4:11 am
Got honor and medal from hot chick princess today.(But solo kept hogging the lime
light and kept staring at the hot princess ..Bastard!!!)

(11)December 23, 3009 at 1:26 pm
Found out hot chick was my sister.Decided not to pursue her as jedi's can't fall in love(Plus
she my sister, you SICKO!!!)

(12) March 21, 3010 at 4:11 am
Found out black evil dude is my dad(Hot Shit MAN!!)

(13)March 21, 3010 at 4:12 am
Decided to go to dark side but found out the emperor and new evil black dad became butt ugly
after joining.(No way dude!!,A mechanical hand i can handle but not the face dude)

(14) August 13, 3010 at 12.11 pm
Won the galactic war, killed the emperor, killed dad , freed the galaxy, going to ask the big
monkey if his sister wants to go for a date with or else go screw a few female wookies
(Boooyaaaa baby!! You know i'm your daddy today!)

(15) August 14, 3010 at 3:51 am
Jedi council kicked my ass out for screwing wookies(Jealous bastards!!!)

Cool background desktop Images with GIMP

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Cool background desktop
I downloaded gimp today and tried to create some awesome desktop background images which i feel is quite good even for me.Here's are some stuff i made with gimp with various tutorials from the net. Trust me there's a lot of stuff for gimp on the net. Gimp is an opensoure software and stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. I feel its a great tool for beginners to learn some major image effects just like my desktop images above.
Here's the link to download it
Red Abstract Waves

Blue Abstract Waves

Green galaxy

And My most favorite
Flaming Header
Seriously dude i have never done any art or image effect stuff with any type of software. This is my first attempt and might even try more stuff seeing how good it turned out.

Wicked isnt it!!!
Most definitely on my desktop
(talk about creating branding images.its sweet!!) :)

10 signs to know your typical unhealthy malaysian

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How to know your a typical unhealthy malaysian

1.Each morning after waking up you rush to your local nasi lemak gerai(without bathing or saying good morning to your family) and patiently line up and order nasi lemak + fried egg + rendang + curry + fried chicken and a huge sotong (squid) along with its sweet gravy for breakfast and order teh o (plain tea minus sugar and milk) to control your sugar and calories.

2. Each time you park the car at your local office , tesco , giant ,1-utama and etc you are willing to drive like 30 to 40 minutes and some even 1 hour and waste litres of petrol to find the closest parking spot to the entrance.

3.Each time you use the putra lrt, star lrt and etc you never take the stairs(some dont even know where the stairs are) and use the escalator like a free funfair ride.

4. Each time for lunch you order stuff that the mamak insist that you must use extra plates to prevent from breaking their plates from sheer weight.

5. Every time some one says high blood preasure , you put your hand and fingers against your neck to check your pulse.

6. You have enough black rings on your eye due to lack of sleep that pandas want to mate with you regardless of gender.

7. Zoologist in africa bans you from the safari as that the lions can die if they consume your high cholestorel body .

8. Mas airlines puts you in the last end seat as your weight helps the plane to tilt backwards easily for take off and landing.

9. Each time you go to a japanese restaurent , the other customers on the other end of the food conveyer never ever see the food.

And finally

10.You can make an engine reving sound from your mouth like a big 8 liter V8 engine by simply breathing in your lungs as you smoke like hundreds of cigarretes within a week just like a car carburator.(You could even produce exhaust smoke from your mouth)

Top 5 reasons why I hate Ipod Shuffle and nano

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1) Cannot simply copy and drop any files to ipod shuffle or nano.Must use the Itunes damn long synching procedure.Its very tedious,long and sometimes frustrating to sync the ipod with itunes.

2) The itunes just deletes my uploaded songs and movies if it cant find in another pc I m trying to upload new stuff from. I understand its to prevent piracy but that is so stupid. Its like throwing out the meat and chicken in my chicken rice if i add another plate of rice.

3)Ipod nano cannot simple save an ordinary format movie. I'm not talking about mpeg,wmv or even iTunes. You need to to find and download some 3rd party software to change the size of the movie resolution to fit and play on the small ipod screen. Otherwise even with the file in the Ipod also cannot play the movie. The least they could do is provide the convert software for this but noooooo.....

4)No battery, so have to constantly connect to the pc usb hub to charge it.So if got no pc and your ipod runs out of juice when your jogging or in some in the jungle or desert without a working pc can say goodbye to your earnestly purchased movies and music.Very inconvinient.

5)The new shuffle is so damn small , your kids can shove it up their nose easily.Sure it can talk but have you seen the buttons on it cause there isnt any.There are only 3 buttons on its ear phones cord so you cant change to a better headphones.There are 2 for volume and one for everything else. You need to click 3 times to replay the previous track, imagine you listen to a song then 10 songs later you want to replay the earlier music again ,you have to click 30 times!!! man!. Goodluck to your thumbs and ears each time the the thing describes what songs its playing.

If you stare long enough from its back it shoots out laser from its exhaust tube and signals the Darth Vaders Pictures from

Its black , its fierce and its the only thing i would drive straight through a MAD MAX apocalyptic dessert.

Introducing the Gemballa Tornado 750 GTS. This must be the most angry looking Porsche ever made since like forever. It looks so angry it want to chew up your children and spit them out only to chew them again.

The guys at Gembala removed like 550++ pounds of the standard Cayenne turbo and replaced them with various carbon fiber parts and put enough air vents to cool down itself and possibly to blow out the trail of flames it leaves behind. The vents helps with increasing its downforce which it trully needs since the its standard turbo V8 engine has been upgraded into a 5.0 liter engine and a racing turbocharge for good measure. The result of these upgrades is a mind blowing 750 horsepower with 775 lb-ft torque and sprints from 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in just 4.3 seconds. Try ferrying your kids to school in this baby and you probably wont get any signs of them ever wanting to go for a roller coaster ride. It tops out at 186 mph and still has 4 doors and room to carry your groceries.

Only 50 of these will be made by gemballa and with each costing €400,000 and with looks like darth vaders weekend toy its no wonder why.