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Here's the slide I made showing how the K770i is being unwrapped from its package.

I even found a youtube review on it

I just got my K770i from times square today. Its still hot off the rack and I'm still taking pictures of it...So here's how the unwrapping goes

Firstly the box , small and petite but cool packaging. When I first saw it on Sony Erricsson site , it says candy bar type phone and I was expecting something like a snicker size phone but is much smaller and slimmer than that.

See? Its very slim and it fits in my palm.
The K770i has a 3.2 megapixel CyberShot camera with auto focus along with its picture blogging picture app which helps to move the picture taken to your blog, awesome application for me. And because its so light and slim I keep feeling my right pocket to make sure its there. The Cybershot has a 3.2x digital Zoom for picture close ups which can be further touched up with its Photo Fix app.

It supports SMS, MMS, Bluetooth and can be used as an Internet Modem by just plugging in the USB cable to the pc and the phone. Aside from that , it has java support games, 3d games, a radio and Walkman player 3.0 which is a media player that plays mp3 files along with some other formats.

It has 3G high speed internet conenction for fast data transfer speed (384 kbps) which makes it easy and fast to access the internet.(I finished like RM10 ++ credit already on it cause its just so cool to browse my blog with it). It also does video streaming from the net and RSS feeds.

So all and all I am quite please with this new K770i especially for its final party piece which is of course the 3.2 Megapixel CyberShot which Sony is known for. I got a black one as everyone knows black is always in style and never goes old.

What to know more about K770i check this link out.
Sony Erriccson K770i


  1. Greenleaf // 10:25 PM  

    Wow, new mobile phone. I am visiting from SE K770i is a nice phone at bargain. My friend is planning to get one too. :)

  2. Afif // 6:07 AM  

    You spelled Ericsson incorrectly, it should be one 'r'. 10 points from Hufflepuff.

  3. Stephen of ibelin // 8:32 AM  

    Hi Green Leaf ,Yar i just got it a few days ago.It's a great phone specially the cybershot camera which I'm really digging it.

    Hi Afif
    Hahaha, Yes I misspelled ericsson , no spelling be for me i guess..

  4. Stephen of ibelin // 8:33 AM  

    Oh shoot!! i even miss spelled spelling bee

  5. KittyCat // 8:41 AM  

    I am looking for a new phone and really do like SE ones. But 3.2 MP only ah? Not good enough for this lady blogger LOL

    Hey...does the USB jack allow you to transfer photos easily from the phone to the PC? I'd like that coz I hate moving EACH photo via Bluetooth...