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I watched Terminator:Salvation at GSC 1-Utama

Posted by Stephen of ibelin | 7:23 AM | | 0 comments »

(Picture take from Wikipedia)
I finally got to watch Terminator Salvation last Sunday and that sir for me is the movie of the year.It continues from the previous sequal Terminator 3:Rise of the Machine and starts off with a cool opening title sequance that I feel is maybe a tribute towards all computer programmer's throughout the world as the movie introduces all the movie actors names using programming syntax.

Sam Worthington (plays Marcus Wright)waits inline for death row in 2003 while feeling all guilty about himself and the things he had done. Here,Dr. Serena Kogan (Helena Bonham Carter) of Cyberdyne Systems convinces him to sign his body over for medical research following his execution by lethal injection. Soon after his execution we all go back to the future in 2018 and here is where all the fun starts. The resistance team lead by John Connor (Christian Bale) attacks a Skynet base and man oh man the explosion effects here is truly phenomenal. The THX sound effects used in this movie is worth every last dollar of your ticket.Get a seat in the huge cinema(Cinema 2 in GSC 1-Utama in my case) with a good THX equiped cinema or you are not doing this movie any good. The explosion sequence is so good i almost wanted to turn around and duck for cover. The movies explosion effects is just awesome. No green screen or any cheap CGI is used for the explosion scene which makes this movie memorable.

So back to John Conner, after he leads some of his team down a huge underground Skynet base , he and his men finds some humans taken prisoner in a cage and finds the design for new terminator model(T-800,Arnold Schwarzenegger model). Interestingly enough we could see John Connor Flashes his flash light around and we get to see find Sam Worthingtons dead body.He calls his men topside but got no response co he decides to climb out of the base to checkup on the communications but finds his men dead. He walks some distance to find the rest of his crew but then a huge nuclear explosion blows up the skynet base along with his men down under along with other survivors. He runs to the helicopter and finds the pilot dead , so he flies out on his own only to crash again upside down due to the explosion.You could experience the crash almost like you were in the chopper with him. The sight of the huge mushroom dust cloud after nuclear explosion was damn awesome. I would watch this movie again just for this first 10 minutes of the movie. Its just simply damn awesome.

For the rest of the movie , you guys should just watch it. Its not as gruesome as any other movie but just damn awesome. The Skynets T-600 terminator machines are just damn awesome and scary to look at especially when they are slinging and firing humans around with a 50 caliber machine guns. The Harvester is a huge bad ass robot like almost 40 feet high starts to capture human s to transport them to Skynet for human experiments. The Huge cannon on the harversters shoulders just blast the hell out of the vehicles that tries to escape him. If the target is too far he deploys the mototerminator from both his legs that races down like ducatti's on steroids just like the scene where it chases down after Sam Worthington and Kyle reese(Young John conners dad) in a truck. The bikes were just awesome.

Christian Bale was great at playing the legendary John Connor the resistance leader.He played with close intention to the true characters colors especially when he was blasting his guns at the terminators. Sam Worthington played Marcus Wright well too. He tries to blow up the Harvesters with a fuel tank and fights with the T-800. Damn cool ending scene where John Connor with Sam Worthington blows the base up to kingdom come as they fly off on a chopper.

Watch the movie and within 10 minutes of the movie ,you'd swear you want to watch it again!!