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Yes I saw a guy flashing his naked body today. I was on my to GSC in 1-Utama to catch Angels and Demon and I was totally caught off guard when I saw a guy opened up his coat and stood there in the nude in front of everyone showcasing his pride and joy to everyone, here's the picture for proof.
Then here's the full frontal view.

Wonder what would have happen if the guy cut out was a real person cut out with the sign placed appropriately.

The fella was flashing everywhere on every floor. Damn Pervert!!


  1. faradeeba // 9:15 AM  

    nice try~~


  2. foongpc // 9:42 AM  

    Haha! I saw him too! No shame right? LOL!

    Btw, dropped by here from

  3. stephen // 5:25 PM  

    Hi Faradeeba,
    Hahaha Yes I saw him, Its an attempt from 1-Utama to liberate our minds and the guy from his pants.

    Hi Foongpc, The guy got no shame ,he some more flashing himself all over the floors in 1-Utama even on the GSC pillars.Hahahaa,Its great to get some one from