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Genie and Mercedes E-class Ad

Posted by Stephen of ibelin | 7:48 PM | | 0 comments »

I have watched this Mercedes ad like a few years ago. Where some guy finds a magic lamp and begins to rub it and out comes a blue genie(Like i was surprise to see one). The genie was starting to explain the 3 wishes thing to the guy but got interrupted just within 5 seconds of his entrance speech when the guy immediately says E-Class(Mercedes Benz) without even thinking. And then after the genie grants him the E-Class , the guy jumps into the car and speeds off spraying the beach sand all over the genies face before even hearing out the genie explanation about his other 2 wishes. The guy like just drives off and keeps the genie waiting for him without ever coming back. So a Mercedes E-Class, is that one wish enough for you? I feel it could be better if i had stumbled on a magic lamp.Maybe an S-Class or so ;)