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10 signs to know your typical unhealthy malaysian

Posted by Stephen of ibelin | 11:02 PM | | 1 comments »

How to know your a typical unhealthy malaysian

1.Each morning after waking up you rush to your local nasi lemak gerai(without bathing or saying good morning to your family) and patiently line up and order nasi lemak + fried egg + rendang + curry + fried chicken and a huge sotong (squid) along with its sweet gravy for breakfast and order teh o (plain tea minus sugar and milk) to control your sugar and calories.

2. Each time you park the car at your local office , tesco , giant ,1-utama and etc you are willing to drive like 30 to 40 minutes and some even 1 hour and waste litres of petrol to find the closest parking spot to the entrance.

3.Each time you use the putra lrt, star lrt and etc you never take the stairs(some dont even know where the stairs are) and use the escalator like a free funfair ride.

4. Each time for lunch you order stuff that the mamak insist that you must use extra plates to prevent from breaking their plates from sheer weight.

5. Every time some one says high blood preasure , you put your hand and fingers against your neck to check your pulse.

6. You have enough black rings on your eye due to lack of sleep that pandas want to mate with you regardless of gender.

7. Zoologist in africa bans you from the safari as that the lions can die if they consume your high cholestorel body .

8. Mas airlines puts you in the last end seat as your weight helps the plane to tilt backwards easily for take off and landing.

9. Each time you go to a japanese restaurent , the other customers on the other end of the food conveyer never ever see the food.

And finally

10.You can make an engine reving sound from your mouth like a big 8 liter V8 engine by simply breathing in your lungs as you smoke like hundreds of cigarretes within a week just like a car carburator.(You could even produce exhaust smoke from your mouth)


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