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Defiance Movie

Posted by Stephen of ibelin | 4:18 AM | | 0 comments »

(Image taken from Wikipedia)

An upcoming movie Defiance is about 3 brothers who escaped the Nazi forces sweeping through Eastern Europe whom are primarily targeting the Jewish people.The Bielski brothers: Tuvia (Daniel Craig), Zus (Liev Schreiber), Asael (Jamie Bell), Aron (George MacKay) escaped the nazis killing but unfortunately finds their parents dead whom were slain by the local police under orders from the occupying Germans. The brothers flee to the forest, vowing to avenge their parents. They encounter other Jewish escapees hiding in the forest and the brothers take them under their protection and leadership. The movie is supposedly a true story that happened during WWII.

Its one of(or the only) Liev Schreiber and Daniel Craig movies where both actors are in together.It looks like a good WWII movie since Bruce Willis Hart's War and I'm looking forward to it which should premier in Malaysia anytime next month or so.

Checkout their cool Eastern European accent.I feel like speaking in the same accent them already.Eh! Comrade!