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I watched "The Beast" last night on AXN channel and I was total blown away. What I watched was a great films grade quality movie made to a television series. The story goes about unorthodox FBI guy Charles Baker (Patrick Swayze) taking in a new rookie Ellis Dove (Travis Fimmel) as his partner. And believe it or not within 30 seconds of the start of the series Patrick Swayze shoots him with a gun twice. The partnership between them is definitely not ala "Starsky and Hutch". Baker cant afford to have a moment hesitations from his new rookie. He trains Ellis with hard violent psychological which even made me felt like shouting out loud to at Ellis the end of the episode.The pilot episode was like a mix between slevin, dirty harry and enemy of the gates. Its something not suitable for the kids but can definitely kick out some crime scene investigator out of their lab. Its not too technical , not to slow nor is there too much blabbering going on.

Patrick Swayze was awesome and scary at the same time playing Charles Baker. Ellis looks like a real rookie here but has the played the role well that could match any big time hollywood star. I could not believe he played Tarzan in New York.

The Beast is dark, serious and yet some how it gets you glued to the tube to know what will happen next.