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Posted by Stephen of ibelin | 8:50 AM | | 0 comments »

StarCraft will always be my 1st and favorite strategy game. There are 3 factions at war which are the Zergs , Terran and Protoss. Mine has always been the Terran's for their cool battle cruisers and ballistic tanks I need to blast the Zergs hive. I always get like 5 battle cruisers and creep slowly for surprise attack and kill every last zerglings I can find. Starcraft was my favorite past time.A group of guys and myself play regularly(just before counterstrike) at our local cybercafe after college. Still loved playing it till today.

Then quite sometime later DOTA came in and most of my friends were hooked to it but i was not very fond of it till few years ago. It was just all solo hunting and gangbanging on some poor fellow without any proper strategy or gameplay. But then a few years ago something made me turn to starcraft again which is Starcraft2. Its still in its beta release and its not out yet. But I'm waiting ever so patiently so that I can pulvarise more zergs and protoss again. This time the Terrans got more types of unit and arsenals. I just cant wait.