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Google search engine optimization-Google Adwords

Google provides a tool to get the new keywords for your ads.
Google Adwords (

Try to find the keywords based on your site content. Insert your site URL to the website content search and hit enter. You get tons of keywords (depending on your site of course) that you can use to get the ads related to your site. This optimizes your sites ad words where you could use to get some of the higher priced CPC keywords

You could create an ad campaign with one keyword term and divide the term into several other similar term. This means your actually expending your scope of ad words for the same product or service. Like football can use players, balls, FIFA , EUFA, Football jersey so on and so forth.

You can even use it to get other related keywords to you content that your readers might be interested tor read. Aside from that you can find synonyms for your keywords, like hotel can mean bed and breakfast and etc. This synonyms helps you to be flexible with the adwords for you contents or means you could use a higher CPC keywords.

Start with a broad term in the Keyword Tool and go down to specific and your ad words will be more focused. Say a garden then down to flowers etc.

Else just type in your URL in the Search-based Keyword Tool, get the Keywords for your site and replace your content with the correct keywords. The Search-based Keyword tool displays a list of relevent user queries found on for you URL.