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The story starts with Shawn McArthur (Channing Tatum), a street hustler in New York City get's set up by some scrupulous guys. These guys works for Harvey Boarden (Terrence Howard), a ticket scapler who controls the corner where Shawn was selling counterfeit DVDs and other stuff. Shawn fights them off but doesn't get his money or products back. Later Shawn sees Harvey and the youth who stole his money in a cafe and he confronts them. Harvey gives him his money back and offers him a chance to a 'winner takes all' fight for money.

The movie seems to be easy enough to follow.It reminds me of some older Jean Claude Van damn movie. The hero of the movie Channing Tatum plays in the upcoming G.I. Joe Movie as the lead actor. This movie should give us a preview of his acting skill's before seeing him pounding on cobra commander. Alongside Channing is Terrence Howard a super good actor(IronMan,Brave One) which means the movie should be good. I don't expect much from the movie except cool fights and the hero's struggles. Hope its good. :)