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If you stare long enough from its back it shoots out laser from its exhaust tube and signals the Darth Vaders Pictures from

Its black , its fierce and its the only thing i would drive straight through a MAD MAX apocalyptic dessert.

Introducing the Gemballa Tornado 750 GTS. This must be the most angry looking Porsche ever made since like forever. It looks so angry it want to chew up your children and spit them out only to chew them again.

The guys at Gembala removed like 550++ pounds of the standard Cayenne turbo and replaced them with various carbon fiber parts and put enough air vents to cool down itself and possibly to blow out the trail of flames it leaves behind. The vents helps with increasing its downforce which it trully needs since the its standard turbo V8 engine has been upgraded into a 5.0 liter engine and a racing turbocharge for good measure. The result of these upgrades is a mind blowing 750 horsepower with 775 lb-ft torque and sprints from 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in just 4.3 seconds. Try ferrying your kids to school in this baby and you probably wont get any signs of them ever wanting to go for a roller coaster ride. It tops out at 186 mph and still has 4 doors and room to carry your groceries.

Only 50 of these will be made by gemballa and with each costing €400,000 and with looks like darth vaders weekend toy its no wonder why.