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Monetizing My Blog-Things to do

Posted by Stephen of ibelin | 7:35 AM | | 0 comments »

How to monetize

1. Get cool domain name- Domain name should not be too long and should be meaningful not or some alphabets that stands for some thing else.

2.Get great content-Always keep the content and readers first other wise all you get is ads all over your site without any readers.

3. Get cool blog design- Need not be a very complicated design , just something well arranged and not scattered , something that the reader can follow the flow and definitely something that does not load to long.

4. Monetize with multiple source-Put some adsense, amazon and more ads from other source on the site but not over do it. Just enough at the correct spaces and not like every where...

5.Must find a niche for blog and a passionate subject- Something you would do it for free just for the love of it. If it is popular among readers then its a plus point.

6.Enjoy the journey to making money -Not stressing out and pumping out low quality stuff off the blog. Remember if you enjoy the stuff you right , others will!! :)