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Bing is out.Hooray i think.

Posted by Stephen of ibelin | 6:07 PM | | 0 comments »

So MSN search engine has now turn into where Microsoft says its set to compete with Google and Yahoo's Search Engine supremacy. It was launched by Steve Balmer(CEO of Microsoft) last 28th May 2009 and it went fully online last June 1st 2009.

So far I can tell you it has a new non corporate looking interface with a new peaceful looking scenic pictures as its background.

It looks good to use, but when I tried it to find my blog it gets a totaly new set of results as per other search engine, in other words you cant find on the first indexed page so its still pretty much needs some work I guess(Especialy when I set my blog with msn blogs as my rss feeder).

So bing is here, lets see how long before it pongs out again like Live Search, Windows Live Search, MSN Search and etc.