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I'm pretty sure everyone knows about the Biggest loser show that airs like almost every where in the world. Its about some overweight women and men who struggles to lose weight on the show where the one who losses the least amount of weight is up for elimination from the show.

One of the trainers that helps them to lose the weight is Bob Harper and here's a site where Bob Harper can help you too. Its called which you could sign up for free. Its pretty much like your own personal weight goal management site where you could set up your own weight loss goals but with Bob Harper's "Challenge Of the Day" workout and pretty much a lot of other good stuff he has to offer. You could even pose a question to him with the "Ask Bob" app or just read his blog to get inspired to lose weight.

Anyway its free, its healthy and the only thing you lose here is weight. So just try it, it beats signing up for emails and starring at the pc without any physical movement anyway.