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Cool background desktop Images with GIMP

Posted by Stephen of ibelin | 9:30 AM | | 0 comments »

Cool background desktop
I downloaded gimp today and tried to create some awesome desktop background images which i feel is quite good even for me.Here's are some stuff i made with gimp with various tutorials from the net. Trust me there's a lot of stuff for gimp on the net. Gimp is an opensoure software and stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. I feel its a great tool for beginners to learn some major image effects just like my desktop images above.
Here's the link to download it
Red Abstract Waves

Blue Abstract Waves

Green galaxy

And My most favorite
Flaming Header
Seriously dude i have never done any art or image effect stuff with any type of software. This is my first attempt and might even try more stuff seeing how good it turned out.

Wicked isnt it!!!
Most definitely on my desktop
(talk about creating branding images.its sweet!!) :)