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Top 5 reasons why I hate Ipod Shuffle and nano

Posted by Stephen of ibelin | 11:59 PM | 0 comments »

1) Cannot simply copy and drop any files to ipod shuffle or nano.Must use the Itunes damn long synching procedure.Its very tedious,long and sometimes frustrating to sync the ipod with itunes.

2) The itunes just deletes my uploaded songs and movies if it cant find in another pc I m trying to upload new stuff from. I understand its to prevent piracy but that is so stupid. Its like throwing out the meat and chicken in my chicken rice if i add another plate of rice.

3)Ipod nano cannot simple save an ordinary format movie. I'm not talking about mpeg,wmv or even iTunes. You need to to find and download some 3rd party software to change the size of the movie resolution to fit and play on the small ipod screen. Otherwise even with the file in the Ipod also cannot play the movie. The least they could do is provide the convert software for this but noooooo.....

4)No battery, so have to constantly connect to the pc usb hub to charge it.So if got no pc and your ipod runs out of juice when your jogging or in some in the jungle or desert without a working pc can say goodbye to your earnestly purchased movies and music.Very inconvinient.

5)The new shuffle is so damn small , your kids can shove it up their nose easily.Sure it can talk but have you seen the buttons on it cause there isnt any.There are only 3 buttons on its ear phones cord so you cant change to a better headphones.There are 2 for volume and one for everything else. You need to click 3 times to replay the previous track, imagine you listen to a song then 10 songs later you want to replay the earlier music again ,you have to click 30 times!!! man!. Goodluck to your thumbs and ears each time the the thing describes what songs its playing.