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Windows Vista is a piece of crapt!!

Posted by Stephen of ibelin | 7:52 AM | , | 0 comments »

I got a new lenovo R400 today and it comes pre installed with vista. Firstly its good at starting and shutting down really fast like between10-15 seconds and believe me its has to because each time you try to run Firefox,chrome or other non Microsoft stuff ,it hangs without any indication that its going to come out of its own self induce coma. I tried to connect streamyx and run Firefox and took like forever to load the homepage. It is literally sucking the life out of my meager broadband and Firefox. I tried to restart Firefox and guess what it hangs.... with the non responding image, i try opening another window and the stupid thing keeps hanging. Hell i even unplugged my broadband cable and it still would not let me reconnect to the network again.Believe it or not within the first 20 minutes of my excruciating vista experience i had to restart the notebook like almost 5 times just to visit this blog. It just hangs and requires a restart, so here's my point of view , screw vista , screw everything Microsoft for that matter if you can and go Linux or ubuntu. Once set the settings its for life. no problem

I even tried watching bleach online and it took more than 5 minutes but still loading the homepage. Here's my homage to vista.