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I went and saw Angels & Demons at GSC

Posted by Stephen of ibelin | 9:18 PM | | 2 comments »

So yesterday I was bored and wanted to watch Terminator Salvation but when i got to my local GSC in 1-Utama guess what happen

Damn long queue. The picture above shows where I was at when I was queuing up to buy a ticket. I got there like 3.00 pm something but waited for almost an hour to get to the counter. Then When i got there guess again, there wasn't any seats left unless the first 2 rows of the cinema , and its all booked to 12 midnight. I was willing to get even 7.45 8.00 or even 9.00 pm but cannot get so i bought the tickets for the next day instead. But not willing to spoil the day for me and my dad, we watched Angels and demons instead for that day.

SO angels and demon , truth be told its not fantastic but its certainly way better than Da Vinci Code. The title "Angels and Demons " does not really reflect the movie at all nor the Catholic religion any way. Its more towards an ancient Illuminatti society back to screw the roman chatolic church. And Tom Hanks (Dr.Robert Langdon) is summon by the recently deceased pope's assistant Ewan McGregor (Camerlengo Patrick McKenna). I could summarize up the movie in 3 steps.

1) Robert Langdon starts to follow a series of clues to find the illuminatti that kidnaps the 4 future pope candidates. The society start to execute each pope through the means of four science medium which are earth, fire ,water and wind and will execute the last cardinal at midnight. All but one survives(water).

2) Ewan Mcgregor starts to find the cause of his beloved pope death when he finds out the pope was poison. Starts to give ideas on how to saved the church to everyone and to find the stolen anti-matter container which was stolen at the earlier part of the movie. If they cant find it by mid night , the container will explode and blow , vatican , rome and italy to kingdom come.

3) To summarize the finale, Ewan Mcgregor was the culprit from the beginning of the movie and was the cause of the earlier popes death and the guy responsible with Illuminati. Robert langdon and ironically Ewan Mcgregor saves the day but Ewan Mcgregor in the end commits suicide(set him self on fire)when he found out that everyone found out his jig was up.

All in all the movie was something better than I expected especially Ayelet Zurer (movie hotty)who played Dr.Vittoria Vetra as some particle accelerator scientist. The movie has a cool starting scene with the new swiss particle accelerator generator to produce anti matter, and you could see all of the Vatican's peter's square, castles and almost all of the Vatican city.

Aside from that its a good movie to watch for adults and might bore the snot out of kids.


  1. Greenleaf // 5:43 AM  

    I watched Angels and Demons too. It is a nice movie. :)

  2. Stephen of ibelin // 6:22 AM  

    Cool man. I wanted to watch terminator but no seat unless the 1st 2 rows man. The movie is goodlar really something new. Way better than DaVinCi