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Posted by Stephen of ibelin | 10:11 AM | 0 comments »

Angry Sakura Flowers

Crouching Stars,Hidden Space

Well today wasnt a very productive time, i havent got any email or calls requesting to attend an interview, i sure wish i had a diploma right now.I really do. All jobs specially programmers requires the very least a diploma to show. I just all the best. So to divert my attention from sobbing ive spent some time making some art using GIMP. Its open source and the best part its free with loads of tutorial online. I havent really tried out Photoshop yet but i understand its about the same as GIMP , only more sophisticated , i guess, anyway its open to debate and here are my master pieces.

I called the first one "Angry Sakura Flowers"
The second one Ive called "Crouching Stars,Hidden Space"(Yes i KNow its a bad name, if you have something better name both my arts with better names on the comments )