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I SEE Graduate Developement Programme DHL

Posted by Stephen of ibelin | 5:58 AM | 2 comments »

Ive just got an email ,from DHL for graduate development programme for their IT dept. based in cyberjaya. It says that they need any bachelors degree/masters degree candidate. It sounds good and looks established, but the problem is ive just completed my degree just few months ago and i wont be getting my results till next month(just results mind you, not the actual degree).To apply for the position one must use the jobstreet online applicaiton, where you must in about 100 words write why you find a particular subject(technical or business) that you find fascinating,its just for them to know you better. I am so much in a dilema , i really really, want to send an applicaition but i so worried of what might happen should they ask about my degree. What do you think, should I proceed or just go cold turkey and wait for my ever long results?


  1. Shanker // 10:24 AM  

    go for it man!! good luck!!

    i mean u gonna get ur results out soon so just have a go and see la.. all the best!

  2. Stephen of ibelin // 11:37 AM  

    You think so, Ok ill go for it, thanks,Here's Hoping for the best