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Damn Malaysian internet User Survey!!!

Posted by Stephen of ibelin | 10:37 AM | 0 comments »

Ive just completed a survey and it was long, so long that i forgot they offer prizes which was the first reason i joined the survery. It started out when i was browsing the star online and saw the survey ad. I Joined in the notion and understanding there give prizes to winners. So i started with question 1 and the level bar rite on top showed Ive only finished 0% of the survey questions, ok i thought but when i passed 10 , 20 then 30 then finaly did the bar showed 25 %, at this point i thought WTH!!! so long , so much time, And im not even have way there. Finally, Ive finished it and was so glad about it , i ve given myself a very egoistic praise("IM THE MAN!!!). Anyway thats all ive got to say about the survey long and boring but priceless time to waste.Try it its good for you!!

Best part was that only after so long did i realise there was no dateline, or when the winners are to be announced.Damn!!!