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The fastest car

Posted by Stephen of ibelin | 3:50 AM | 0 comments »

I saw this magazine on my bed today, i know its old but there was something about it that ive just realised i never noticed before even when i bought it. The headlines, "THE WORLD'S FASTEST CAR!!" I never really noticed that , i guess i was looking at the small caption below on the cover page which says BMW 523i(Yes Im a Bimmer man - even without one).But Back to the headlines I wonder How many times that particular phrase has been repeated in general. I mean before the bugatti veyron, the maclaren F1 was the fastest, then there was the previous car, then another, another and etc. You know, all of us might look back to this time again say 20 or 50 years into the future. We might have been then stopped using petrol as fuel, might be travelling on flying electronic trains or LRT,we might even take computer viruses hijacking our computers as norm, we might be so advance that when look back into history say this particular magazine, we might wonder what were we/they thinking and continue with some insults or praise towards this time. But as for now I hope this post for this blog could be a part of that future history.