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So what happen when I got there

Posted by Stephen of ibelin | 4:34 AM | 0 comments »

It was quite a day for me to get there,
First when i arrive there, the only landmark for me was Sunway pyramid, The complex with the big lion head, and best part it was 10.00 am already, i knew i was going to be late, an started searching for the place, soon i walked up to a few taxi drivers and ask for directions. One Indian man was kind enough to point out the place imediately, he gave me instrutions to walk through sunway pyramid, cross their bridge to the Sunway Hotel and walk abit from there.The other guy says he drive me there For RM 5.00 bucks,talk about making a quick buck, really dangerous if i was a foreigner, i mean all i ask was direction not a ride and all i needed was help not service. I hope this blogged is enough to warn this kind of people. But hei i followed the directions and found my self in front of Sunway hotel, sure i was already 10 minutes late but still i was not there yet. I wonder what would they do ,could they cancelled the interview altogether, i really hope not