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Maxis = Great

Posted by Stephen of ibelin | 4:17 AM | 0 comments »

Sorry for taking such along time, but i was busy finishing up my Final Year Project Presentation.
Overall the project presentation went well,i sure hope the supervisors and advisors feel the same way.

Any way from the last post the Maxis interview, it went well, despite the fact i was late and i could answer most of the question thrown at me quite alright. Anyway theytold me they need my results as soon as possible which i have sent to them 2 weeks ago and thus waiting for their feedback.The interview was done with two maxis personal mainly who asked me quite numerous question mostly about myself and what have i done in school(alot of question on my Final Year Project-Online Airline ticketing, not much about programming though). Finally i was quite please and tired from the journey and hope all the best from them soon.