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Sunway what!! I thought KLCC-Maxis

Posted by Stephen of ibelin | 4:24 AM | 0 comments »

SO when i called Maxis to arranged an interview,i was quite surprise when the maxis HR guy says it was based in Sunway located on the Maxis Tower. I didnt even know there was a Maxis Tower in Sunway. He gave me the location of the place as i havent been to sunway for a long time, and soon found how get there.Happily and gleely i promised to be there at friday 10.00 am. I even checked their map and sure was, Maxis Sunway tower was just nearby Sunway pyramid, next to Sunway hotel.Piece of cake i thought but it was soon after i knew how far was it.
P.S - ALL locations and roads within maps always look smaller and shorter than the real thing