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Scary Post

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The Bus Stop

Thank You Teacher! Finally the last day of school, no more students, no more books, no more Headmasters dirty looks. The school holidays are finally here, finally. Sure it was just a 2 week school holiday, but this time it was different. My request to get a government quarters was approved, the letter arrived last week and I have started packing since. It all happened fast, all in the nick of time actually as I could no longer able to afford paying the rent for the home I’m staying now and to support my family expenditures at the same time, well I am just a school teacher. Anyway the place I am living now is cramped with not much room space.

I moved to the new place and it was great, there was not much stuff to move and was finished moving by the very end of the day. It is a big apartment on the 3rd floor with a large hall, 3 rooms, kitchen and 2 bathrooms. I moved to the biggest room of the house, the master bedroom. The room was big and the window was facing the street. I could see the road, the nearby buildings, traffic lights and a bus stop.

Soon it was night and I was getting sleepy and tired from the move and all. I retreated to my room, shut the lights off and lied down on my bed. I rested my eyes and fell asleep. But then it happened! A loud scream, so loud it screamed me awake. It was as though a young girl was being skinned alive. I stood up from my bed, covered my ears with hand and shut my eyes so tight I couldn’t care if my eyes would pop back to the back of my head. It just won’t stop, it just wouldn’t stop, God please stop it, every time I put my hand down the scream just drill into my head. I ran out from my room, but the scream still wouldn’t stop, I ran desperately to the house door, reached for the keys and opened the door. I slammed the door shut and ran down the stairs to the front open air car park still with my hands covering my ears.

I held my head up, opened my eyes, look toward the street light and finally opened my ears. It was quite, so quite I could hear the street lights light buzzing sound. It was just me alone in the car park. I was so confused, anxiety roamed within me, what happened? What was that sound, what is going on? What is really happening! I was sweating through my pants, and shivering from the cold experience and the cold night. My sweat didn’t make things any warmer. Then just outside my apartments building fence, I could see someone or at least the figure of someone sitting at the bus stop, it was a young school girl sitting in the dark stop. I could only see so much at the stop, it was dark and lighted up only by the very street light I was next to. It was late at night. Who in their right mind would wait for a bus now? There are even no cars passing by the streets. I moved closer to the fence to get a better view, she turn and looked back at me, I knew that from the sudden light reflection in her eyes towards me. She stood up and started walking closer to me, by this time she was halfway across the street, then all of the sudden she turned her attention towards my window. Strange I thought, what was she looking at? I looked up towards my window, it was lighted dimly by the street lights, but there was a figure standing on the edge of the window. What? Who is that?

While I was looking at the mysterious figure, I felt a sudden tap on my shoulders. It was her, the girl. I looked around for anyone, anyone other than the girl, but no one was around. “Have you seen my sister?” she uttered. I didn’t answer. “Have you seen my sister lina?” This time I just shook my head saying no. I knew this girl does not belong in this world, I knew that if nothing is true to what I felt in my heart, it must be untrue, doubly I felt.

“No!!” again I say to her. I could see her face so innocent, she looked so much like my students but there was something not right to her, she looked as though unsatisfied, angry towards something. I knew this from experience from dealing school students.

“No? No? No!!!” Her tone increased by each answer, her pale ghostly face started turning meaner, her eyes were all pupil, her face started frowning, and it was hideous and cold. I turned my attention to the ground. I kept praying in my heart “Please go, please go away!!” I could still see her shoes. Then it was gone, her shoes were no longer at my sight I stood my head up, looked around and there she was standing on the centre of the road again. She was smiling at me. I concentrated on her smile so much that I did not notice but a huge bas was coming towards her, it was fast and big. It s bound to hit her, I screamed to her move!! , run!! Bas!! MOVE!! She turned her attention to the at the last moment but it was to late, the bus smash her to the road so hard , her head slam towards the road at full force with a loud smack. I looked in horror, I was without words, I didn’t know what to think. The bus just speed off and there she was on the road, her blood spilled and flowed all around her and the street. But before I could move closer, it started again, the huge scream. I closed my ears and started running, I ran and ran till I could no longer hear the scream. I didn’t care where. Then I stumbled on something and fall to the ground. I hit my head and was left unconscious. The very next morning I woke up and found few of the residents beside me. Of course they was curious and asked what was I doing on the tar road. I explained to them what had happen last night. Word for word I used explaining to the very least detail. They weren’t very pleased upon hearing this news. I could see it in their face.

It’s true. “True? What do you mean? I ask one of them” Previous owner of your apartment belongs to a teacher, she was an English teacher with 2 daughters. One of her daughters ran off with some one and never was heard again. Her other daughter sorted out looking for her one whole day but had been killed in an accident. The bus hit her.

“But what happen to the mother? What happen to her?” I asked. Well she waited for her other daughter to come back since. “And then?” I asked. Well then, she was never heard again till today. How long since this happen? Well about 40 years ago I think. Forty years ago? That’s very long, I thought. How did you know about this story? I asked them. Well my dear you told me about it. “What? What do you mean?” I ask. Well it’s easy, (a brief pause) you’re the English TEACHER.


The end.