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What is RSS and how can it help you

Posted by Stephen of ibelin | 9:05 PM | 0 comments »

RSS is short for Really Simple Syndication.

It uses XML tags that refers to some blog content, headlines and etc.These xml tags are used in RSS documents(feed). In other words to get the feed from other sites via RSS you need to click the links to a RSS feed to get the good stuff.

To get this RSS feeds just find for links with this feed icon.

Best tool to use get the RSS Feed is of course is a RSS reader. But i choose to use Firefox cause its so much easy to use. Just click on the rss.xml link and Firefox adds it as a live bookmark and you are good to go.SO once you've added it, you do not need to go to the site, just click on your bookmark and instantly its updated with the sites entries, headlines etc.

So no more endless clicking in finding new content.
If you could come up with your own rss feed ,every one could get your site entries without actually going there. You could try it with rss feeds, its pretty good.

Good stuff for convenience but bad for your pay-per-click ads.