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100 pushups challenge

Posted by Stephen of ibelin | 7:42 AM | 0 comments »

I wanted to get fit and do push ups and now a I can. Previously i could barely do 10 but now can do 30 without pausing. If you want to get fit you and do push ups you should try this site.

A site dedicated in doing push ups. It's quite challenging for an easy workout but it builds great shoulders , triceps, chest and even the abs. Just pull in and tighten your stomach during the pushups and great abs are on your way. Don't push your self to much if you cant. If i cant do it , i just relax and continue after a few seconds rest. I would rather do it slow ,easy and in the correct form rather than doing it wrong and fast that will not really work well with my body.

It is extremely awesome to build muscle with your own body weight. Previously i thought that only barbells, dumbbells and other gym stuff is the only way to bulk up. Now I know that push ups is also a very effective exercise that could be done in minutes. Its truly easy and fast and when you do push ups you are actually lifting 60 to 70 percent of your body weight.

Right now i am at week 4 and it is truly challenging.I could only do like complete 21, 21 the rest i have to do half to half especially the 32. So my current target is to do all the sets completely without any rest. Sure its tiring but hey I look and feel great. ;)

PS dont look at my previous post , cause this is my first post since my last time,which is like long time ago but hey if you want, go right ahead and check out my previous post. Just becareful its dusty. hehehe