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My Damn Modem

Posted by Stephen of ibelin | 6:48 AM | 0 comments »

Whoever who are reading this post, i advise you for all that is good and mighty please ohhh please do not i repeat do not use a usb modem in any time trust me its not worth it. Its been long since ive made a new post all because of my own usb modem.The damn modem keeps leading and downloading all virus and worms and any almost anything that makes computer crackers(very bad people-opposite of hackers) sleep well at night.All my files , final year project, personal stuff images , photos all gone.Each time i connect it downloads all the worms and other stuf that molest and rape my pcs registry and files.The driver is a nightmare, in fact when i scan the driver for the virus , the avg scanners instantly recognises it as a major virus nothing else.And bestpart i did some research and the only reason usb modems a cheap is because instead of using better quality hardwares, they replace with cheap softwares or driver s that make the cost cheaper. So they kill 2 birds with one stone and kill you slowly. So please do not use any usb modem or you will open the gates of hell to your pc.Take care,oh yeah another thing bitmap are such a pain in the ass, its taken me almost 5 minutes to load the abobe image.Must get my gimp back