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New Audi TT

Posted by Stephen of ibelin | 7:41 PM | 0 comments »

I never really liked the older TT, i mean the shape of the machine was something i keep associating to an egg placed side ways, sure the egg is much aerodynamic but its still an egg.Performance wise, it wasnt the best roadsterwhen it was launch and somehow to me felt like audi sold a large rock at an expensive price.But now ive seen the newer TT and it looks really good. The shape still has the eggness to it but its more a refine egg ,it looks so sporty i dare say it should make even the new LAMBO LP640 abit dated.It even has a spoiler that lifts up at a certain speed or can be manually controlled.The best Bit is this car is fast and the interior is something you would never find in any of todays roadster,comfort + sophistication.If i had the money, that car would be mine. Just mine