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What happen?

Posted by Stephen of ibelin | 4:01 AM | 0 comments »

Well as far as i mention the work experience thing to almost everyone conducting the interview, it wasnt muct of a problem or made much attention. Glad to to know that. So what happen was that right after i submitted the form, i was made to wait in a hall,with other participants not more than 20 guys, foreigner ,older girls and guys. They gave me a cheap sticker to stick on my shirt. I was made to wait like 1/2 an hour then was called with about 10 guys to another presentation hall. It had tables chairs and a whole projection slides and sets. It look like some exam hall except without the projection machine and screen. Best part it was a exam hall, we were given 20minutes to finish up 30 questions, Then i thought so this is what a walk inter view is like.