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Test? Bring it !

Posted by Stephen of ibelin | 4:09 AM | 0 comments »

So i had to sit a type of test(questionaire they called it). In the paper was 30 questions, it started out by testing the english, IQ , and some computer basics mainly software terms and hardwares name s and their users.Piece of cake i thought but it was reall nerve wrecking to do it witht he clock ticking in front of you. Yup they made a kind of 20 minute stop watch on the projection slide. With each tick it was like competing the olympics but hei i finished it. I even ask a sharper pencil before the test started. So what happen next,one guy collected the paper for marking and the other started the Dells presentation. When he asked us does anyone has any dell workstaions or product, none of us carried up our hands. Sure proves dells popularity.He went on explaining dells jobs and the organisation within dell for Malaysia.Then the other guy then came up and guess what all of us passed the test.Hmm not bad i thought specially for a guy who just finished his final year degree barely 24 hours ago.