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Then he went on asking about what if in certain scenarios , say what if your friends speakers was not working what would you do, steps included,what if the os would not load and others, it was like testing my pc knowlege. It was ok.O h yeah he asked where would i get IT news and information and some hardware descriptions, for me was intels latest chips.Well it finished finally.Here he asked me to ask questions to him regarding the job advertise. i ask about the pay as i wasnt sure how much do fresh gradute earn, he said it was up to the HR and then i asked what could i learn and look forward this job and progress, he says take his case for instance he has been working fo dell for 5 years now, hes in the level 1 or somethign, he nows coaches new be like me who just starts working in dell. Hmm interesting i thought.Once that was over i still had to stay for a while.