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Screwed interview

Posted by Stephen of ibelin | 11:56 PM | 1 comments »

Yup ive got an email from them to attend an interview, but something else happened<
When i went there about 10 minutes earlier at menara axis,PJ i went to the 7th floor and went to their office. I was directored to a cold hall where i was surprised to meet 8 other candidates there awaiting for the interview. Then it happened, the lady incharge gave us a form fill up our particulars. They wanted to know everything about me, my name ,address, home ownership, parents name and occupation, siblings and occupation and so many stuff i wouldnt tell anyone on a surprise act. But after filling up the form , she took it back, and then guess what started, an aptitude test, 1 hour, what , i wasnt ready for any test, all you said was an interview on the email, wth, ive would have left the place at once but i was looking forward to the position(software developer). It was a confusing test , all we needed to do was to follow instructions but never theless quite confusing, anyway to cut to the chase i didn't do well in the test and was thanked for my time there.("SURE U ARE") Sure i worked my ass off for 3-4 years in obtaining a degree in computing and all you did was pointing out that im stupid and not worthy to work with you. It was dissapointing to think what happened but hey life always has its ups and down, we can only hope for the best. (screw you opensys):)


  1. saydios // 1:56 AM  

    sorry to hear dat, but its not that the company think you're stupid, but to test wether you are analytical enough, and got what it takes to be a software developer in an ad-hoc situation. and i can tell you the degree alone is not sufficient these days

    best of luck.