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Teleconference or something

Posted by Stephen of ibelin | 4:48 AM | 0 comments »

I got a call asking me to call a number by 10.30 am from the lady and a code to join the conference. Great!. So i called them about 10.30 and waited.It was funny, no one knew including my self what to expect during the conference. I was the first to call and waited for dells spokeperson to come on, while i was waiting a girl called came next, he heard me sneezing and wondered i was the dell guy, i explained to her i wasnt, it happened again from another guy who called as well asking whether i was dell again,please stop asking me i thought it was getting to be embarrasing for me,Finally 4 guys were on line and then dell came in, he's name was Mr. Shankar.He congaratulated first for coming till this far, and started explaining what happens next, in seems their australian counter part would call us next to interview us, this was the deciding point as it tells us whether or not we get the job.Rest was just advising us how to answer, some questions session and finally ended within 15 minutes.